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Tideland Dairy Goats News

Fall 2020 Breeding season under way!

About Us

Tide Land Dairy Goats is located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest in Tillamook OR

Owned and operated by Brent Rocha, this venture and love for goats started as a 4-H Project

The story begins in 2003 when me and my brothers brought home one of our first Toggenburg does. The 4-H Project grew quickly to a large 4-H Project and in 2012 became a Grade A goat dairy. I ran and operated a grade A 

Sadly in Spring of 2019 we then reduced numbers again into a more "Hobby type" herd. . I am milking 18 does, and my love for goats continues. We still to continue to crank out the Tide Land stamped does and hope for continued success. At Tide Land I strive to breed animals in order to succeed in the show ring and in the milk bucket. I currently raise and breed Lamanchas with the exceptional Grade and Alpine does. Tide Land is a 100% ADGA registered herd. As a herd I focus on using and combining genetics from multiple successful herds on the West Coast and creating their own type and style. I strive to breed healthy animals therefore the herd follows a strict CAE & CL prevention program and are given yearly CD/T vaccinations.

I hope to have continued success in developing Permanent Champions, in the tough PNW show circut.goat dairy all through high school and kept the dairy running over the span of 7 years, one day I hope to have the opportunity again. 

Contact Information



Brent Rocha


Address: 570 Third Street Tillamook OR 97141

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